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At a later stage, if Imports are required, the Chinese company carefully chosen by us is visited and all follow-up/follow-through will be made till the delivery point in Brazil.


  • Searching of capable and reliable suppliers in China.
  • Choice of supplier, based on the requirements and decisions of the Brazilian company.
  • Visits to the supplier's facilities to assure that the Chinese company is truly able to meet the required needs.
  • Negotiation of specification, quantity, tolerances, marking, packaging, price, lead time, payment terms, international transportation and other conditions to complete the operation in competitive conditions.
  • Monitoring to certify that the Order is being properly executed by the supplier, as required by the client.
  • Operations aiming to be certified and assured the quality of the product.
  • Negotiation of terms and conditions of product delivery.
  • Delivery ahead of time of at the agreed delivery point.
  • Full support to choose and contract the supplier and the international transportation, if required.


  • Search for customers in China and visit to those with potential to develop businesses.
  • Broad discussion in order to establish with the client the details of product specification, quantity, general tolerances, marking, packaging, price, payment terms, lead time and international transportation and other conditions deemed necessary to complete the operation.


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