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LM Representações Comerciais e Consultoria Ltda is a company based in São Paulo and devoted to the expansion of trade between Brazil and China, for both imports and exports. The partners we work with are Chinese experts in trading in China. We offer consulting and expediting services.


We help the Brazilian company to identify and qualify potential importers or exporters in China. We operate in partnership with a Chinese company that is in a position to trace and visit companies wishing to develop businesses with Brazil and other countries.

Shortly after this stage, we will assist the importer and exporter in the negotiations to define the product specification as well as terms of international trade and transport, always based on loyalty and in accordance to the instructions and decisions of the Brazilian Importer or Exporter. Our assistance ranges from a search of capable and reliable Chinese manufacturers or buyers, through research and direct contact with our representatives in Shanghai, to the definition of transport for delivery of the product at the specific negotiated point.

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